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October 2019

I Cry Out released to critical acclaim

“Dark, complex and intense.”

“Without doubt the best piece of music they have released to date and one that paints a memorable aural picture that’s best savoured in its entirety.”

In July 2019 we were honoured to be acknowledged in the prog archives catalogue

In early 2019 Jon Bickley left the band to pursue solo interests. Lawrence Reed and Steve Daymond will continue to move forward creating paganHARVEST’s signature music.

February 2018
Great review of Sacred River album in Prog Mag Issue 85 March 2018!

January 2018
Prog Magazine has hit the streets with a track from our album on the cover CD. Here’s what the Editor said…….“Leftfield”!

January 2017
New Pagan Harvest album nearing completion

The recording of the second album has been progressing well and is virtually complete apart from a few overdubs and edits. It is a coherent piece of work that is more than just a collection of songs, it is a real progression from the first album. Entitled 'Sacred River' it is a song cycle loosely based on the history and significance of the River Thames. The current planned release date is early May 2017.

November 2016
John Bickley solo - live album in 2017

Pagan Harvest singer/songwriter Jon Bickley played a solo gig at Chesham Folk Club back in September 2016. The Rolling Stones mobile studio was unavailable but fortunately Steve Yarwood was able to step in with a Zoom H5 digital recorder to capture the action. Jon was delighted with the quality of the recording which will be released in April 2017. The set includes excellent solo acoustic performances of two Pagan Harvest songs 'Damascus' and 'The Hawthorn.'

November 2016
Pagan Harvest on KALW Radio Station, San Francisco

On 5th November 2016 KALW gave Pagan Harvest their first radio airtime in the USA. Bob Campbell's 'Folk Music & Beyond' had a themed Halloween show entitled 'Dark Folk and the Old Weird America' which brought together some old and new world themes. The first half of the show closed with 'Reynardine' by Carolina Chocolate Drops followed by Pagan Harvest's 'Rebecca Falls' which of course is a modern day take on 'Reynardine.' There is also interest from another radio station in Davis, California. It's good to see Pagan Harvest appealing to West Coast musical tastes!

November 2016
Management of Pagan Harvest

A new production and management company called the Invisible Folk Club (IFC) has been formed by Jon Bickley and Steve Yarwood. It has been agreed that IFC will take on management of all Pagan Harvest activities apart from writing, recording and production of music. A Bandcamp page for purchase of recordings and merchandise will be operational early in 2017.

October 3rd 2016
Unicorn is a quarterly magazine covering all things folk related across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire. The October 2016 edition includes an interview with Jon Bickley where he talks about reinterpretations and updates of traditional folk songs. The article is from the perspective of Jon as a solo artist but also contains references to Pagan Harvest, in particular a full page advertisement opposite the interview.
Read a transcription of the article

September 23rd 2016
First appearance by Pagan Harvest in a UK national print publication, thank you R2 magazine for a friendly 3 Star review. It's a preposterously great (to echo R2’s words) review and in our opinion captures the spirit of the band!

September 19th 2016
As Dave Pegg (Fairport Convention) had previously praised Jim Roper's 'Rebecca Falls' film we asked for his opinion on 'Rebecca Falls - the Forensics.' We were pleased to receive the following response 'I enjoyed the video and all really good stuff. Best wishes from Brittany. cheers, peggy'

September 2nd 2016
In an interview with journalist Steve Yarwood paganHARVEST songwriter Jon Bickley talks about how the band bonded over a shared appreciation of English rural folk culture. He goes on to discuss various influences from folk and rock, the ethos behind the key songs as well as the compositional process.
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August 24th 2016
Album reviewed in Progressive Rock Central. 'Pagan Harvest enthusiastically explore the intersections of English folk music and progressive rock'
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August 23rd 2016
‘Rebecca Fall – the Forensics’ film launched.
View the documentary

August 2016
'Fight the Devil' has appeared on YouTube via an alternative route.

The song is on a Channel owned by 'Haukevind' who states the following:

'I mainly use this YouTube channel to upload easy and simple promo videos for new albums released by Musea Records. With permission from the record label I might add.'

The Channel has 322 subscribers and Fight the Devil has had 57 views.

July 18th 2016
Pagan Harvest song ‘Fight the Devil’ included on July Folkcast Podcast.

June 26th 2016
At last a UK review in ‘National Rock Review’ by Doug Bearne.
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May 2016
Pagan Harvest album included in Musea's 'Selection of the Month' where 3 releases are marketed as a package at a special price. The album was featured along with releases from two French bands.

February 2016
Favourable comment from Dave Pegg (Fairport Convention/Jethro Tull) about Rebecca Falls film.

‘Really good and love the bass. Clever stuff !’

January 4th 2016
Second Pagan Harvest film launched.

Press Release:

The film of the song ‘Rebecca Falls’ is an ambitious black & white production directed by Jim Roper, a Bristol based film maker. The song was written with the old English folk song ‘Reynardine’ in mind. In that song a girl disappears. If that happened today the police would be called. Where would they look? What clues would they find? What would they make of overheard conversations between the woman and the fox-like entity.

December 30th 2015
Pagan Harvest  CD launched via French Prog label Musea.

Musea Press Office:

Pagan Harvest is a present British Progressive folk-rock band, originating from Bristol. Jon Bickley sings and writes the lyrics, guitarist Lawrence Reed's distinctive contemporary music derives from a classical training distilled with various musical influences, while the bass style of Steve Daymond is driving melodic, but gentle and tasteful as required. Published in the year 2015 on the Musea Parallèle label, Pagan Harvest's first album is a unique sweep through Europe's ancient soul calling on elements of the Progressive rock, folk and classical music. It's as if the spirits of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd turning up in "Wuthering Heights" or William Shakespeare. Magic, murder and the spirit of a fox sung by a poet from the top of a mountain!