About Pagan Harvest

The sound of paganHARVEST is inspired not only by the land but also by others in the tradition.The pastoral tradition in England is the tradition of artists being inspired by the land. It can be traced from Shakespeare through Traherne, Wordsworth, Coleridge, up to Burnside today. Tolkein spent as many pages describing the English landscape as he did telling his story. Kenneth Grahame gave us the Piper at the Gates of Dawn. In music people like Walton and Delius have conjured the wonder and mystery of the land in sound. The long tradition of folk music and the Arts and Crafts movement from William Morris onwards have been based upon the way we fit into and respond to our landscape.


In an interview with journalist Steve Yarwood paganHARVEST songwriter Jon Bickley talks about how the band bonded over a shared appreciation of English rural folk culture. He goes on to discuss various influences from folk and rock, the ethos behind the key songs as well as the compositional process. Read the article


Jon Bickley

Jon Bickley sings and writes the lyrics for paganHARVEST. He also works with Only Human, The Beekeeper, Claire Wardell, The London Borough of Jupiter, The Black Snakes and several other musical projects many of whom have albums available on itunes. For more information visit www.jonbickley.com

Lawrence Reed

Lawrence's distinctive contemporary music derives from a classical training distilled with other musical influences from his past including: punk, folk, progressive rock, new wave and jazz. He strives to create strong melodic and rhythmic frameworks in tension with complex harmonic explorations and experimental approaches. A strong narrative often defines the works. The aim is distinctive, accessible music with some challenges and a contemporary twist. For more information, news and to hear more of Lawrence’s work visit www.lawrencereed.com

Steve Daymond

Steve’s bass style is driving melodic, but gentle and tasteful as required. Feeding off others around him Steve’s doctrine has always been to try and improve what is there but to not lose sight of the fact that the gaps are as important as the playing. Steve has played in many original and covers bands and currently alongside Pagan Harvest he plays bass and sings for two covers bands called Ouch and Roadhouse. For more information visit www.stevedaymond.com